Statement on the Asatru Folk Assembly

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016


We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, declare our solidarity with all inclusive Heathens in the United States and around the world who stand for a community where worth, not birth, is the truest measure of a person’s character. We stand without question in support of all Heathen communities who embrace people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sexuality, gender identity, mental, or physical ability. The historical record shows, contrary to white supremacist propaganda, the ancients traveled far, traded with many, & intermarried freely. Even some of the Gods, like Thor & Odin, were born of Aesir & Jotnar & others, like Loki & Freya, actively defied “traditional” gender norms.

It has been brought to our attention Galina Krasskova, a well-known polytheist with several published books, has been promoting anti-Muslim propaganda as shown in the attached photo.