Statement on Nordiska Asa-Samfundet

Friday, May 19th, 2017


In these times racist, fascist groups have been advancing their hateful agenda on many fronts. Heathenry is no stranger to this, having faced our own long struggle with such groups.

It has recently been confirmed, thanks to the journalism work of Huginn’s Heathen Hof, Nordiska Asa Samfundet is one such group. Additional investigation has uncovered incontrovertible evidence of their whole-hearted embrace of such ideas & beliefs.





Translation: “We Scandinavians are an indigenous people. Stand firm against cultural appropriation from status quo-extremists in the modern liberal society. There is an intentional anti-Nordic rhetoric. There is an ill will against us. There seems to be an ongoing agenda to annihilate us. Just like the other indigenous peoples we were colonized by another civilization. This hydra has oppressed our people enormously through the times. They burned all our, in the tradition and science and herbs etc. knowledgeable ones alive. Asatru was forbidden because it was the history of our peopleĀ“s tribe. They are the stories of the creation of the universe and the lines of our people. Propaganda is spread with the purpose of damaging and marginalizing us. They invent terms to gloss over our rights to a language and tradition of our own and they try to forcefully assimilate us. We are not allowed to be ourselves and think independently. As soon as we are the least proud of our peopleĀ“s history and the ancestors we are declared idiots and punished. They use historically correct scientific empirism as a method of reducing and trying to control the flow of fact. They arrange a climate where we are always pushed back and discriminated against. They have the government and the ugly media behind them.
The government hires experts to gloss over our existence. We are trolled away in lies and cover-ups. When we try to organize ourselves and stand up for our rights we are called evil white fanatics. However, eventually dignity wins and history will punish our enemies very hard. If you are unaware that you are hurting us and support ethnic discrimination of Scandinavians then you shall have to study yourself better. Think before it is to late!!! Hail you Nordic people, you ancient and free. All the best to you.

Making matters worse are their ties with the widely shunned Asatru Folk Assembly.18402814_10210666653795079_3676266845792053322_n


And their ties to the far-right, racist political party the Sweden Democrats:

When confronted on these matters they have defended their actions and refused to budge.


We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, denounce them for what they are. We oppose them, shun them, & consider them to be outcast, outlawed, & indefensible. So long as they hold such beliefs we will stand against them in defense of our community & Heathenry.

We urge Heathens from across the globe to join us in our stand. There is no space in our community for this rot that has gnawed at us for too long. Just as Heathens around the world came together in Declaration 127 we ask again that all stand in a united front for Heathenry by shunning & denouncing Nordiska Asa Samfundet.

We welcome any groups who would like to add their names to this statement & join us in standing strong for Heathenry’s future.