Statement Denouncing Irminfolk as Racist

November 10th, 2014 by

Whereas the criteria for defining what is an “Ethnic European” in Article 13, Section 3 of the Irminfolk’s Bylaws specifically state those who identify as “White” or “Aryan” are considered “Ethnically European” and eligible for membership as shown here:


Whereas the Irminfolk further state one must be 7/8ths Ethnically European to be a member, a standard that is practically no different from the one drop standard for defining race.

Whereas the term “White” is a term with several different definitions and standards that vary from country to country and continent to continent.


Whereas the concept of Irminism and Irminscheft was first conceived of and developed by Nazi occultist Karl Willigut with the patronage of Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler.


Whereas Heathens United Against Racism stands in opposition to all groups, organizations, tendencies, and individuals who advocate for any form of spirituality based on racism, exclusion, and bigotry.


We find that Irminfolk is unquestionably a racist organization, we denounce them for their blatantly obvious support for such ideas, and we move that all members of Heathens United Against Racism disassociate with the organization, its officers, representatives, events, functions, and all affiliates.


We further ask that all of our members and all Heathens and Pagans who stand for inclusive, anti-racist practice to join us in opposing and denouncing Irminfolk.

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