About Us

Heathens United Against Racism began as a simple Facebook group in the summer of 2012 founded by Ryan Smith and Robert Rudachyk.  The group was a discussion forum for Heathens who were opposed to the efforts by many different groups and individuals to co-opt Heathen spirituality, traditions, and ideas to serve as a platform for organized racism.  Initially the members were largely Americans and Canadians though there were some from other parts of the world.

From these beginnings Heathens United Against Racism slowly found its feet as more than a discussion group on October 15, 2013 when the members jointly decided to denounce the Keystone State Skinheads, a white nationalist organization based in Pennsylvania, in their attempts to use Lief Erikson Day to promote their agenda of organized bigotry.  This was solidified with HUAR’s first ever action with the December 2013 raising of nidstongr against racism.

The group grew very rapidly in the following year, picking up members of all walks of life who supported building a Heathenry free of racism.  Members raised just shy of $4,000 to provide relief to a Missouri Jewish community center assaulted by neo-Nazi violence, came out in support of Black Lives Matter, and have been at the forefront of advocating for inclusive, anti-racist Heathenry.  The path hasn’t always been smooth, mistakes have been made, and the process of learning new ways of practice and action is never easy.

HUAR provides a space for anti-racist Heathen activists to meet, work together, and engage in effective advocacy.  We aspire to educate the public on white nationalism, the far right, and organized bigotry in both the Heathen community and broader society.  Where possible we encourage and engage in direct action in opposition to such groups and in particular we focus on those who try to co-opt Heathen spirituality as a cloak for advancing fascism and the AltRight.

We welcome Heathens from all walks of life regardless of race, national origin, sexuality, gender, class, or physical or mental ability.  We welcome allies in struggle who want to do more to help us in this shared problem.  We are an international organization with members on four continents and are always looking for Heathens who want to fight the good fight.