Over $3900 Raised for the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City Memorial Fund

July 21st, 2014 by

After working through some bank-related SNAFU’s, we’ve done it! With the help of Heathens all over the world, we have donated a total of just over $3900 to the memorial fund for Dr. William Corporon, Reat Griffin Underwood, Terri LaManno, whose lives were taken last April in a senseless act of violence and hatred. Though we didn’t reach our official goal, we consider the effort a success. Seeing the Heathen community come together and creating a material real world impact has been an incredible experience. We extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who was involved, and hope to see our community’s positive influence continue to grow.

Our donation was sent with the following message: ‘I realize this may seem out of left field, but it is my pleasure and honor to make this donation of funds assembled by the Heathen community as a gesture of interfaith solidarity and friendship. It is our hope that these funds will be used to aid the families of those whose lives were lost in April, though their loss can never truly be made up for. May their legacies and memories live on!'”If anyone would like to do more we encourage you to visit and donate at jcckc.org

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