HUAR Statement on the Global Rally for Humanity

October 7th, 2015 by

We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, formally denounce and condemn the Global Rally for Humanity that is planned for October 9 and 10. We stand in opposition to this plainly bigoted, hateful campaign of intimidation aimed at Muslims in the United States

We argue the reasons asserted by the Global Rally for Humanity are founded purely in kneejerk racism, Islamophobia, and bigotry. They claim all of humanity is under attack by Islam and that the current refugee crisis from Syria is a cover for an invasion. Worse in many locations the demonstrators will be openly carrying firearms, an act clearly meant to intimidate others.


We believe such actions must be confronted openly wherever and however possible in a non-violent fashion. Keeping with dearly-held Heathen traditions of hospitality we assert that the refugees from Syria are not invaders but people in dire need of help, support, and hospitality. We further argue, as there are individuals within the Heathen community actively supporting Islamophobic groups like PEGIDA, it is essential for Heathens to take a stand against such bigotry and show the world honor, hospitality, and compassion are far stronger than hatred.


We call on all Heathens and Pagans who are able to assist in counter-demonstrations, spreading information on the truth of the refugee crisis, and to confront Islamophobia, racism, and bigotry in our communities wherever it manifests.




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