Statement on McNallen’s Freikorps Declaration

January 18th, 2016 by

On Sunday, January 10th Stephen A. McNallen, the current head of the Asatru Folk Assembly, posted an open call for the return of the Freikorps to Germany:

In the following days he made it clear he had no intention of backing away from his statements, angrily declaring he would be issuing no apology:
And making clear exactly where he stands:
We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, find his words and statements in this recent exchange to be a clear and unquestionable embrace of racist ideology and the use of violence to implement it.
The Freikorps, for those unfamiliar, were the paramilitary militias in Germany during the 1920s who terrorized Jews, Poles, Lithuanians, and anyone else seen as enemies of their definition of the German people. The members of the Freikorps were the backbone of the Nazi Party’s Sturmbateilung militia, whose job was to physically assault rival political parties and perceived enemies of the Party, and infamous Freikorps veterans like Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hess rose to high positions in the Nazi regime.
Calling for the revival of groups of armed, bloodthirsty reactionary killers as a solution to ongoing tensions in Germany related to the Syrian refugee crisis is inexcusable and unconscionable. Wishing for a return of dangerous, unaccountable, and vicious gangs of murderous lawbreakers shows McNallen’s true colors as an open, unquestionable supporter of white supremacy and white power. This conclusion is reinforced by his long history of racist statements, ranging from the infamous doctrine of Metagenetics to his claims that Mexican and Central American immigration is an invasion commanded by the Aztec Gods and his thinly-veiled support for white genocide conspiracy theories.
As Heathens, who believe the true worth of a person lies in their deeds and not their skin tone, we find his words, positions, and claims to be utterly deplorable, shameful, and a stain on the honor of Heathenry. We find that he is nothing more than a white nationalist attempting to co-opt and corrupt our Gods, our lore, and our practices into a platform for organized bigotry.
We call on all Heathens to stand up, speak out, and denounce McNallen and his ilk for what they are: bigots and hatemongers twisting a beautiful spiritual practice into a warped mockery of all we stand for.
We ask all Heathens who oppose the destructive campaign of organized bigotry to bar all who actively promote and repeat McNallen’s racist doctrines from their events, groups, and discussion circles.
We call on all Heathen organizations, whether they be kindreds or national organizations, to denounce McNallen and his doctrines for what they are.
We invite all who stand for inclusive, hospitable, and virtuous Heathenry to join us in building a united front for honorable Heathenry against those who would twist our practices into a Trojan Horse for organized hate.

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