Statement on Police Brutality Against People of Color in the United States of America

December 8th, 2014 by

We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, are saddened and outraged by the brutal violence unleashed on Black and Brown people across the United States from Ferguson, Missouri to New York City and Los Angeles.

Heathens United Against Racism wishes to make clear we stand with People of Color against the modern day oppression and demonization of their young men and women. We also stand with them against the police forces who view themselves as beyond the law, and the prosecutors who either support them in their extra-legal and illegal actions, or are too inept to indict a ham sandwich.


We mourn those who were killed and extend our sympathy, our love, and whatever support we can to the families, friends, and communities of every victim of this systemic injustice.


We condemn the authorities who protect killer police officers, perpetuate a legal system that actively destroys lives, and all who seek to excuse or justify these heinous deeds.


We call on all Heathens, Pagans, and people of honor and conscience to take direct action now and join the struggle for justice whether that is with your voice, your resources, or your body.  As an organization with international membership, Heathens United Against Racism strongly condemns the recent decisions in the American justice system, and will continue to lend its support to the oppressed minorities of the USA.



Black Lives Matter


Brown Lives Matter


The lives of all oppressed peoples matter.


“When you come upon misdeeds

speak out against them,

and give your enemies

no peace.”


Havamal 127

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