Statement on the Chaney/Doyle Arrest for Hate Crimes

November 12th, 2015 by

On Tuesday, November 10th, the FBI announced the arrest of two individuals from outside of Richmond, Virginia for acquiring weapons to be used for attacking Black churches and synagogues. These individuals, who say they are practitioners of Asatru, claimed they were fighting in a race war against those they saw are racial enemies. We, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, denounce their plans, actions, and the ideas driving them as rooted in bigotry, warped spirituality, and a highly dangerous mentality of fear.

This siege mentality is hardly unique to these specific individuals. There are a *lot* of racists who *call* themselves Heathens. The positions and ideas they propagate are spread by a number of organizations, large and small, who promote the same fear of outside attack on one hand while glorifying death in battle for the Folk on the other. There are some who go to astonishing lengths in promoting this paranoid mindset, whether they are arguing Mexican immigration is a holy crusade commanded by ethnically rooted decrees, promoting baseless claims of ongoing global white genocide, or specifically sheltering and supporting those who have sought to launch similar attacks on Black places of worship.

Such an atmosphere of fear, distrust, and cowardice is the total opposite of everything Heathenry stands for. The would-be race warriors apprehended by the FBI, distinguished by their fearful mentalities and established histories of violence, are not alone in promoting and adhering to doctrines of ethnic violence coated in a veneer of piety. Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney are two of the worst examples of a much larger problem.

In denouncing these two individuals we further denounce the mental atmosphere giving fuel to their ideas. We denounce those who promote ideologies of fear and terror. We denounce all those who claim Asatru and Heathenry justify a life of bigotry, violence, and prejudice.

We call on all Heathens who feel as we do to join us in solidarity. We must all stand together for a truly hospitable, courageous, and honorable community against those who would twist the beliefs and ideas we hold dear into a hateful mockery of everything we, as Heathens, stand for.

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