Statement Denouncing Studio Yarinka

June 29th, 2017 by

It has been brought to the attention of Heathens United Against Racism there is a specific artist, based out of Ukraine, who caters to Pagan and Heathen audiences who is not all of what they seem to be.  The artist is known as Studio Yarinka and they specialize in Pagan and Heathen-oriented woodcarvings and statues.  It has been brought to our attention, however, the owner of the page openly supports the White Power movement and white supremacy.


The first such evidence is in the above screenshot, where one of the pages liked by Studio Yarinka is an open advocate of white nationalism. This is only just the first of many pieces of evidence gathered by members of HUAR on Studio Yarinka.  As shown below the studio has no problem with commissioning blatantly white nationalist pieces of work:


Shown above is a screenshot of one such commission.  It is a statue of an SS soldier carrying a swastika shield.  The image below shows the statue is a direct recreation of a piece of Nazi propaganda.


A similar piece was requested by Michael Sagginario, the head of the Irminfolk Kindred, who has been previously arrested for stockpiling an arsenal in his home and was known to have ties to neo-Nazi organizations as shown below:


When challenged on these matters Studio Yarinka has responded by repeating white power slogans:


And dismissing any concerns of neo-Nazi connections or ideology:


Based on this overwhelming evidence we, the members of Heathens United Against Racism, denounce Studio Yarinka as a neo-Nazi artist who is profiting from Pagans and Heathens to create more pieces that clearly promote white nationalist ideology.  We call on all Pagans and Heathens to report their online outlets, share this information, and work to get their main outlets shutdown.

No platform or profit for white nationalists!

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